Hi! My name is Alex (they/them), and I’m a Queer Singaporean poet.

I’m most often found performing in monthly slams at Blu Jaz Cafè, or open mic events like Spoke and Bird and Destination Ink, videos of my performances can be found on YouTube.

I had the honour of performing last year for TransIt II, as part of IndigNation 2017, and I’m gonna be back at it again this year for TransIt 2018. Beyond that, I’ve also participated in SingPoWriMo 2017 and 2018, this year completing all 23 official days of the challenge. No book or awards to speak of yet, and I still have so much to learn about poetry and spoken word.

I hope you enjoy my photos and writing!


Instagram: @inksplatterpoetry
Tumblr: @inksplatterpoetry
Twitter: @inksplatterpoet

YouTube: Inksplatterpoetry-Alexander

Email: contact.inksplatterpoetry@gmail.com

All images used on this site were taken by me, do not distribute images used on this site for any commercial or non commercial use without permission. 

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