Ghost Town

– Performed at the Mad Bad Sad Glad Love Poetry Slam, organised by Word Forward Singapore. My performance can be found on YouTube here.

Last night I deleted his number from my phone. I erased all traces of his existence from my gallery, cleaned out the remnants of memory still stuck between other relevant memories, like left over food caught in teeth. 

Now, all that is left of him is a name.

I remember when poetry was easy, when the words would flood from my fingers into the paper as easily as tears. I remember when I weaved his name into verse, when stanzas may as well be a chant written with his name.

Now, he is but a wandering memory.

I grew up an only child with no friends, no company, no light. When I saw life right before my eyes I failed to recognise that it was my own, and that was when I met him.

Now, all I have is a broken heart and weary soul.

My lover wishes he didn’t exist. I wished that I could be less greedy, more faithful and grateful for what I already have. My friends told me I just have too much love for those I love and too much care to share with those who were there. I remember life before I met him. I remember the darkness, and once again into his digital-false-virtual arms I fall, seeking comfort, seeking light.

Now, he is a ghost town.

One word replies. Anger at small issues. My pleas ignored. Three days of silence. I wonder how this happened. I see him talking to everyone else but me. His world goes on turning – I am in darkness when his world is bright. I know it’s not right, but there’s nothing left to do. No feelings, no emotion, no love.

Now, I am a desolate wasteland, a thorn from a rose, the lonely resident in a forgotten town.

Last night I deleted his number.

Now, he is a memory.

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