For the girl who loved him, and hated me for loving him.

His footsteps are earthquakes ringing in my ears,
And adrenaline runs higher and higher with every step.
There is a rush that comes with freedom, with anti-gravity,
One that only I can know.

And you, half-blind, scrawl curses into my name,
Wishing for something you cannot have,
For the thing I refuse to let go of,
Not to posess but to protect.

In space, your voice does not travel no matter how loudly you scream,
Houston, static, we, static, a problem-
Is cut off, butchered off,
Because no matter how loudly you scream, no one can hear us in space.

“Beware of space”, I said. “The computers are all running, everything is okay. But once you’re out there, once you are out of Houston’s reach, no one can save you.”

His hands are gentler than yours, and that’s scary.
I won’t let you have him,
Won’t let your hands form a clutch around his,
Won’t let this happen again, not to you, not to anyone.

Beware of the starry night sky, the glowing lights, the possibility of infinity,
Be careful of reaching for the stars, before you shoot for the moon.
Be careful of space, girl,
Don’t get lost in the stars, girl.

Did you know,
That if you stare up into the sky at midnight,
You can still see the blazing, blinding sun,
Still gently hidden by the moon?

It’s back burns covering the flames,
The earth ignorant of it’s nightly sacrifice.
But the moon burns it’s back and keeps the world in check,
Lest the earth forgets the burning of the sun.

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