The Things I Like


the calm

1. The sky at 6pm. Sometimes, when the sky is clear, the sky is blue. The sky is blue. With a little bit of orange. I always found it fascinating how the universe tends to put two colours on opposite ends of the spectrum together.

2. The smell of grass. Not freshly mowed, just grass. It always smelt of home and salvation, because one day that is where I will belong. One day, the smell of grass may just be my scent being carried, filling you up. If one day I go home, you may still catch the scent of my clothes long after they turned to dust.

3. Freshly laundered clothes. They feel like I have my life together even though I don’t.

4. The tinkling of piano keys I have long forgotten to play.

5. My ringtone and your name on the screen.

6. Being alone with the music turned up so loud my eardrums nearly shatter because it blocks out the world like nothing else quite does. The voices of strangers drown out the rest of the world, keeps me safe, keeps me small. I’m just another person who has been swallowed by the flood of technology.

7. The sky at 7am. The sky is orange at 7am. It doesn’t really mean anything to me, I just think it’s pretty.

8. Other couples on the train, because they make me think of you. I watched a boy kiss his girlfriend on the cheek on the train today and thought about you, your head in my lap, my fingers running through your hair. Other couples on the train make me think of you, reminding me that you are real and you are here, and then I realise I miss you.

9. When shirts are just a bit too big. When I go braless and no one notices. When I don’t have to bind to look flat. The little successes. Styling my hair successfully. When my eyeliner doesn’t smudge. Hitting the high note of my favourite song. All the little successes in life that make up for the big ones that failed.

10. Cutting to the chase. Because I’m not one for standing around waiting for someone to ask me out, standing around waiting to get to know my crush before I date them. I am so impatient but waiting takes too long so I will cut straight to the chase. Give me the climax while we’re still in each other’s arms, while you still fill parts of me that are meant for you. Make me feel your arms around my waist as you pull me closer, your face in my neck, because I won’t forget the feeling of warmth, the feeling of someone’s arms. My favourite things are never the ones I waited for, and yet I am constantly made to wait. Did you know? It takes fifteen minutes to get from you to me, and I would like it to be less, to be a millisecond. But I will wait for you, because

11. You. You are my favourite thing.

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