alex 2

To My Friend, An Artist. Inspired by “The Type” by Sarah Kay

A friend of mine came under fire online on multiple different occasions, and it affected the way she drew and viewed the world and I couldn’t get through to her no matter what I did. So I picked up a pen, and sketched in words, the only way I know how. 

You are made of iron and steel.
You were beaten, burnt and bent into the shape you are now.
You will continue to be beaten, burnt and bent into new shapes,
You can never avoid change when it comes in the form of pain,
But my friend, you continue,
You keep walking and running, but never stopping.

You, my friend, are made out of sand and water.
You build and you build, but someone will always come to wash you away,
Dissolving you into a puddle of nothingness,
But you, my friend, are still made of iron and steel,
Even if you rust, you will never quite lose who you are.

Friend, when the tide comes rushing in,
Ready to sweep you away and wash what you are into the deep, dark unknown,
You can let it wash you away, but please learn to swim.
You can leave behind the things you know you are,
They’d still be there when you come back.

If things keep happening to you, and if you will keep crumbling under its weight
Do not let it stop you from advancing forward,
Do not let the tide and rust fool you into thinking that you can’t still build sandcastles.
You are an artist who was born to build,
You were born to build everything out of nothing.

Do not spend time thinking that you can’t do the things you love, or want to try,
You were not made to be a punchline, or a joke, you do not exist to please other people.

Friend, you are made of iron, steel, sand and water
Four things that were never meant to be together,
But you are made of iron, steel, sand, and water,
And your existence is so miraculous and powerful because no one else can be made of the same four things at once.

You are made of impossibility,
You are meant to do the impossible.

Do not let people try to scare you into thinking that you should fear your power.

So forgive yourself for the things that have passed,
The things you will still call mistakes even after the tide as receded and granted you peace.

Let be the things that has already happened,
The things you can’t do anything about.

You are a artist who is built of things that cannot truly destroyed.
You were born to build.

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