Whisper Of A Song


The Isolation of a Song

Something’s whispering a sad tune.

Something’s whistling in the air.

Something’s whispering a lonely song.

Something’s not right there.

Treading carefully on the path,

No one’s willing to look up yet,

Walking along the winding road,

There is someone who you have never met.

Hello friend, hello friend.

The words you speak are not true, I know,

But hello friend, hello friend,

I’m the new one you want to know.

At the bottom of the abyss

At the bottom of the void,

There is a corner of life,

That the dead avoid.

In that corner of life

The dead, they wander,

They can’t see me here, no they can’t,

But still, the heart will still wonder.

I am alone.

Something’s whistling a sad tune.

Something’s whispering in the air.

Someone’s whistling a lonely song,

Someone’s no longer there.

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