Life Lessons From Your Brother

I Want You To Know These Things

You used to call Optimus Prime “Dangerous Prime”.
It was always so amusing to listen to you correct us every time we said Optimus Prime,
Until one day you realised that you were wrong,
And switched over faster than anyone else ever will.
To Mom, that is, your eldest aunt, she felt that it was proof that you were smart.
To me, it was proof that children have the world’s most open minds.
You were like- five years old.
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You jaywalked into my life like it would make you something of the Bad Boy trope. I laughed at you when you said you loved me. I hugged you when you said you cared. While I waited for the light to turn green I asked you if you thought it was worth the danger, if it was worth risking your life, I remember the last thing you said to me.

“If it means meeting someone like you, if it means that you are now the one who’d remember me when you think of your past, if it means changing someone’s life, even just a little, then I think we were worth breaking one little rule.”