The Half Of A Truth


Angry Words That Will Not Be Spoken

I am walking towards the sun,
My body is burning up into a crisp
But I will keep walking.
Because when you lack the wings,
Your legs will have to do.

I am walking towards a door,
My body is shaking and quaking,
But I don’t understand why.
Because when I open up,
Your smile graced the world.

Trust me, everything I just said is true.
It all really happened.
I had third-degree burns,
They still wonder how I lived,
When I walked straight into the sun.

Icarus flew and soared up high,
He flew into the sun because he wanted to see it’s light.
The sun was so bright,
He was drawn to it like a moth,
Who is to say that it was the only light he knew?

I am walking towards the sun,
My wings have long since melted,
But I need to seek the light, it’s all I know.
Because when I saw you standing there, the flames like ribbons fluttering in your wake,
My loneliness and desperation are like pieces of ice to you.
Like wax, they melt, like water they’d vanish, and like a worm to a mammoth you never knew it was there.

I am a good liar.
I am good at telling you the things you want to hear.
I am good at saying words that I don’t mean.
“Yes sir”, “Good sir”, “I’d like more, sir.”
Do you just like the feeling of owning a girl who just can’t refuse?

I swear everything I say is true,
Believe me when I say that it’s all really happened.
These things are all true,
But I will only tell you half of the truth,
Lest you hear too much of the same things, the same lies,
That were once told to me.

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