Everywhere, With You


Inspired By a Song by Gregory And The Hawk (Meredith Gordeau): “Boats And Birds”

I’d go where you go.
No matter how far,
I’d be there for you.

I’d wade through when the tides drop low,
When the sun sets wherever you are.
I’d follow you even when the sky’s not blue.

The sky cast upon you a reddish glow,
As you talked about how you’d like to catch a star,
Make a wish and watch the sky light up with hues.

So I made you a star, and just so you know
I made it with a piece of my heart, the bit that’s not scarred,
You took it and put it in your closet, and said you loved me too.

I’d go where you go,
You don’t understand- I have no home if it isn’t where you are
You’re where my home is now, I need you to hold me through.

I’d go wherever you go,
But if one day I cannot follow your star,
Please let my star shine on,

So that I can be everywhere with you.

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