Identification Error

The Definition of Being Yourself

Identity: the fact of who or what a person or thing is.

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The definition of the word ‘Identity’
When I did a quick Google search,
Was the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.
So in other words, an identity is who you are
And what you define yourself by.
Could be a name.
Could be a skill.
Could be anything, really.

But in general you can say it’s a lot like your face.
It’s what people recognise you by.

So when you ask me what I think my identity is defined by,
I present to you my empty palms,
My coloured hair,
My brown eyes,
And my androgynous outfit.

My identity is in the body I reside in,
Head held high in pride for who I am
I have no time to say sorry for being imperfect,
I have no time to waste on considering perfection.

My identity is the voice I speak with,
So unapologetically powerful I was often taught to fear myself.
I have no time to apologise for the knives living in my throat,
I have no time to waste on being silent.

My identity are these hands I have,
I don’t know how to use them properly yet
But I swear I’m still learning.
I’m still learning to build with the pen and paper I hold in these hands,
I’m still learning to give with the gifts I make with these hands
I’m still learning to love with these hands, these hands that used to only know how to hide.

My identity is here.
It’s kept up here in a mind that doesn’t know how to memorise,
Only improvise and understand.

My identity is… unclear.
But I know I must hold it somewhere.
I am unapologetically imperfect
And I’m still trying to find some remnant of who I am,
A person I had long since given away.

But I know one thing at least.

The definition of a poet, by what Google says,
Is a person who writes poems.

I am not, by any means, a good poet,
Nor a professional.
But I am a poet none the less.

And once the crowds have all gone home,
I will pick up the pen,
And I will build myself a face,
The only way I know how.

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