No Matter the Wreckage

-Inspired by Sarah Kay’s book: “No Matter the Wreckage”

“A sea is just a puddle.”

A sea is just a puddle
Try to splash around,
Have fun while you’re there.

A sea is just a puddle.
Sure, it can drown you,
But you can pull yourself out of it, right?

A sea is just a puddle.
It could kill you on a bad day when you’re trying to keep your sails upright,
It could kill you if you can’t swim.

A sea is just a puddle.
Don’t be dramatic,
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

A sea is just a puddle.
And if it does kill you,
They wonder why you never told anyone you were drowning.

The sea is deep, black, and scary.
It will always look like it’s trying to swallow you up
But despite this, you are here.

You are alive and on the surface,
Despite having grown salty
And there are things weighing you down

You are here.
You are alive.
You are still here.

The sea is not a puddle.
It is a dark abyss of terror and tragedy
Where countless other lives have been lost to before

But even if you cannot swim.
You can learn to build.
You were born to build.

Even if you cannot build
You can learn to become Noah
And build yourself a ship.

When the tide recedes,
You can build yourself a boat.
For when the high tides come to take you again.

And when the sea comes back to swallow you,
Ready your sails and hoist the anchor,
Soldier on stronger than before.

Even if you don’t think you’re stronger than you were before,
Soldier on stronger than before.
Do not forget that you are still here.

Because no matter how hard the storm may brew,
No matter the shipwreck,
And no matter the waves

You will make it through,
You will find the shore
You will still be here.

No matter the flood
And no matter the rain
No matter how the storm twists itself into a cyclone of pain and destruction,

No matter the wreckage,
The storm makes it to its calm.
The ship will make it to the shore.

You’re still here, aren’t you?

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